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America Should Stand for Kaepernick

This guy Kaepernick; I like what he stands for. I don’t mean to break any hearts here; but I pledge allegiance to no flag, and loyalty to no land. I love and respect good people who treat other good people like good people. And that’s all. So to say that it’s un-American to not stand up for the national anthem is a ludicrous statement to me. I find standing up for America by exercising the freedom to express whatever your belief is, to be way more American than a song could ever be.  

I feel like people get so caught up in symbols, that they lose sight of what the symbols actually mean. These issues we face are far beyond being about a flag or a song. It’s all about the camaraderie that those things represent. To destroy camaraderie and fight over these things, well; that’s the same thing as fighting to prove whose religion is the most peaceful.

My school of thought is that I would never die for a flag, a politician, or his agendas; but I’d die for just about everyone I know and care about if some assailant came and threatened their lives, because that’s just the kind of guy I am. Take it or leave it, America. 

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The Builder Vs The Destroyer


How many times have you heard a woman saying she likes a man who “gets his hands dirty”? I’ve heard over and over again for most of my life that most women don’t prefer a guy with soft hands. I find myself trying to understand at what point building became not only a sign of manliness, but the end all be all of it. If the construction worker became the ultimate alpha male while men in all other fields got cast aside; I have an issue with this, and I would like to know why.

At what point in our society did women decide that Warriors were no longer necessary, and a man who can change her oil and fix the sink was the way to go? Sure, all men have their own important set of skills that they bring to the table, but how is it possible that one became so prevalent over the other? Evolutionary speaking; both types of men (if they were ever distinct from one another) served very important purposes, but I dare to say that the role of the warrior has always been more important.  

For maybe a couple hundred thousand years humans fought to reach the place we’re at today. As hunters and gatherers in large tribes, a very big part of our day was once staying alive. Survival of the fittest proved a daunting task as lions, tigers, and any other beast imaginable threatened our existence on a daily basis. In these days it was the fighters who saved the day and kept our species a float. There’s no way to even guess how many lives have been saved by brave, fighting men since the beginning of time. 

Over the millenniums, we saw massive advancements in the way we lived as a species. Weapons, fire, shelter, and transportation have all boomed thanks to the thinking and building man. If it had not been for this inventiveness, I would not be typing on an iPhone right now and we might all still be living in caves. Over the course of 200,000 years we have seen advancements come into play that have completely changed us into a creature that prehistoric man would have never even recognized. However, if it weren’t for the man who fought to keep us alive, we might not be here at all.   

Here in 2015, we live in a much more tranquil world. In most people’s everyday lives, the ability to build and create has taken great precedence over the ability to destroy. The need for a fighter has become sort of out of sight out of mind aside from what we see on tv and in the news. Many of us have grown comfortable and complacent in our modern homes, and altogether forgotten the philosophy that “the gentle Goddess of Peace can only walk by the side of the God of War”. Not many of us are the slightest bit worried or prepared to have our doors kicked in by violent intruders at no notice whatsoever. But then again, some of us are. And at the moment this happens, I think any woman in her right mind would be deeply appreciative of her man who spent his entire life learning how to fight and protect her; no matter how broken her sink is.  

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Big Brother

There’s a clever thief around us.  This thief is a spy too.  Whatever we do, he’s there trying to take our freedoms.  Wherever we go, you can believe he’s right there watching.  He surrounds us, suffocating our being and imposing his tyrannical will. Even right now as I’m writing this alone at home, I’m probably not alone… I’m plugged in.


We’re living in a day where we’ve exchanged our privacy for security, and given away so many rights in the process. We’re living in a world where they’ve covered the earth. They just paved right over it and turned it into roads.  Then they’ve privatized these roads.  So essentially, I can’t go ANYWHERE without traveling on government property.  And unless I want to walk; I’m going to need a vehicle.  And to operate one of those I’m going to need a government issued license to do that.  Then the vehicle is also going to need a license.  A license to.. well.. to be a vehicle I guess.   If I don’t operate this vehicle in a manner that they like, I have to either pay money or go live in a cage (maybe both).  And that’s where my right to living on this earth becomes a “privilege”, because a privilege can be taken away from me at any time. 

I find myself very uninterested in living by these rules.   And why should I be forced to?  This country was founded by people who didn’t like the rules so they jumped on some boats and left.  From there, some of their descendants were also people who wanted something different, so they all jumped in their covered wagons and left.. Nowadays all of that would be illegal.  The boats weren’t licensed, the water is now owned by whatever country you’re in, you’d starve without fishing permits, and the unlicensed wagons were driven by unlicensed drivers.  There would be underwater DUI check points and tolls on that road now, and police who want to stop and ticket you because your horse is going to fast through the empty plains of Nebraska.  So where do we draw the line here?
I suppose I can only really adhere to the concept that my certain inalienable right of existence is but a mere privilege if I accept this system, so I accept none of this.  This is not the way we were intended to exist here.  We’re supposed to be here to explore this world and enjoy the fruits of it, for the brief time we have here.  And as long as our actions don’t directly hurt anyone else; I see no reason why we should be forced to abide by any rule whatsoever.  Yet here we are, living by the rules of the machine, as long as we want to live at all.

But maybe I don’t plan on living very long. 


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My Lucid Nightmare

I’ve always been interested in the unknown. To me, every part of this natural world was just a monotonous bore that I couldn’t bother myself to be a part of. I read and watched fantasy, and dreamt about it when I was asleep. I never really got enough, because to me this was the reality that mattered most. I could never just flip that switch and smoothly transition back into the”real world”, because to me reality wasn’t real. I had a taste for the unknown and I always wanted more of it.  

Somewhere around my 28th year I found myself becoming a sort of magnet for spiritually minded people. With some sudden shift in the universe, every new person who came into my life was consumed by either something new age or downright absurd. “It’s a sign. The universe is calling us to you for a reason”, is what every one of them would tell me. Card readers, out of body travelers, sex partners of succubi, palm readers, and lucid dreamers; they all came into my world sharing with me their stories of “the universe”. I laughed this off for a good long while. I didn’t think anybody really had any actual knowledge of the other side. In fact, I wrote most of them off as crazy. This went on until I finally faced an experience that showed me for certain that there is much more to this life than meets the eye. And once I knew, I wasn’t sure I was ready. 

I had seen some things that only a select few would understand. I’d gone somewhere that we’d all been before, but no one knew it… they couldn’t remember. And from there on out, I was different. My take on life took a drastic turn, and I was seeing everything through new eyes. The reality I had always wanted was suddenly in my grasp, all I had to do was reach out and take it.  

From here on out, out of body travel became my biggest focus. I researched tirelessly what I would have to do to achieve this form of travel and found a sea of confusion. Endless sources of information and misinformation swept me up like a riptide and dragged me deep into uncharted water of the mind. Finally, when I least expected it; the current thrust me toward an article that claimed to be the initial step: lucid dreaming.

“Lay stiff as a board”, it instructed me. I was urged not to twitch, itch, or move a muscle. The goal was to invite sleep paralysis in, and to let it have its dark way with me. So I did it.  
I went on like this for months, seemingly getting nowhere. “This is ridiculous”, I thought to myself. I started questioning why I even did this anymore. And then one day it happened…

It was a warm summer morning and I was enjoying a day off in my new lakeside house. There was a babbling waterfall in my back yard that drained into a coy pond, and the trickling water put me right at ease as I decided to go back to sleep for a while. I wasn’t ready to wake up yet, but I also wasn’t ready for what was next. As I closed my eyes I felt the warm sun covering my body. The glowing embrace of the sun encompassed me like an infant in his mother’s arms, gently lolling me back to sleep. The sound of the water rushed into my head, approaching closer and closer with my every breath. The sun grew warmer, and the water higher, as I was rapidly being submerged by the rising water and lifted up off of my bed. The sensation of water all around me was so strong that I opened my eyes to see what was really happening. I found nothing. “It’s just a dream I told myself.. A really good dream”. The water kept building once I closed my eyes again, and I let myself go as the tide gently washed me out to sea. The feeling was so powerful, yet so tranquil that I couldn’t fight it if I wanted to. I was ready to go wherever this loving current would take me.  

When I opened my eyes it was clear that I had arrived. The water of my waking dream had had a purpose, and wherever it took me, it was a place I had never been before. And I was conscious! I had woken up and walked right into a dream! I was shocked to find myself in a futuristic laboratory. This place was something of a cross between the Virgin airlines check-in counters, and some science lab out of a 22nd century sci fi flick. I gazed around at the countertops, full of test tubes and control center buttons and switches. I’m not a science guy at all. In fact, I’m kind of an idiot.. So this isn’t the kind of place I’d ever dream of dreaming up. My eyes wandered the room, scanning the mysterious gadgets but honestly not caring one bit what they were, when they finally came to a far corner of the room. I saw long, dark hair and a white lab coat sitting in a swivel chair facing one of the control panels. This figure stayed motionless as all the little gadgets in my own control panel started to switch on. It’s a woman I thought! The woman of my dreams, my waking, conscious dreams! I rushed over to her, and taking a page out of some sappy rom com; I spun her around on her chair to face me. Normally I wouldn’t do something like this to a complete stranger but I figured “this is my dream, what the hey!”.

So I spun this woman toward me, ready to plant one on her (cause I think that’s what guys do in dreams.. I’m not sure, I’ve never had a sex dream before), and suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks. The woman had no face! It looked like a smudge effect in one of those paint shop programs on your computer. I thought to myself, “how can I kiss a woman with no face? But this is my dream right? My LUCID dream. I can do this!”  

At this point I was trying to will this dream woman’s face into existence. I was straining myself trying to create something that just couldn’t, just wouldn’t exist. Well apparently I pissed somebody, or something off. A tap on my shoulder quickly broke my concentration as I quickly spun around to see who was barging into my dreams. This intruder would definitely get a piece of my mind for intruding on the peace of my mind. I went to open my mouth when right in my face was a badge. 

“My name is Agent so and so with the United States dream crime unit” the agent in the white coat began. “You have reached a new plane of consciousness, and just like in any form of reality there are rules and laws that one must abide by in order to keep the peace of the realm. I am here to inform you of the laws of lucid dreaming before you go any further”. But I had already had enough of big brother and his restrictions on how I can and cannot live my life! Dreams are supposed to be my escape from it all. I thought this was a place where I could be free to imagine, to create, to exist the way I wanted to without restriction. Come to find out I was wrong, and there’s no escaping the long arm of man and his laws… And with this I woke up. Before she can even say another word I was gone. “Keep dreaming” I said, as I found my human eyes opening and my flesh body awakening alone in my bed.

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The Soul Trap 

After a lifetime of thorough contemplation, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve grown to detest the physical world. A lifetime of experiencing the physical sensations of the world around us has been such an arduous task that it has proven itself a chore rather than a source of enjoyment. An abnormality rather than a natural process. They say life is a gift, but I would only consider it so if there was no prior spiritual consciousness. In other words: I find the only gift of life to be the soul, if our soul is in fact created at conception. 

In this lifetime: I intend to spend as much of my time as possible learning, studying, and developing my mind and spirit. My problem with this world, with this life, with this physical form; is the amount of effort it takes to keep this physical form in motion long enough to take these gifts into the next life or plane of existence. I yearn to spend my days searching the very depths of my soul, extracting any knowledge I harbor within and building off of it. I would love to read the works of the greats, meditate to the core of my soul, and write with the vigor of a thousand lives, jot the tales of a thousand journies, create works that will spark a thousand minds that will each spark a thousand more. I want to live divine. But if you know life or if you know the human form, and you know Earth.. You know the countless struggles with pointlessness that we face on a daily basis.  

I gently wake up, slipping right into a meditation so profound that it blurs the lines of when my dream ends and my waking journey begins, but like every other day I am disrupted with the ridiculous urge to go spray liquid waste into a toilet bowl. From here I need to chew my sustenance, drink stuff, take vitamins, and clothe myself. Why? Because it’s a natural human need? No, because I have to go to work.. my absolute favorite of all human activities. I have to go and spend 1/3 of my day in a place I don’t want to be, doing something I don’t want to do, exhausting my body, and placing my mind on hold because I’m unable to use it to accomplish anything that will hold merit in my spiritual future. 1/3 of my day, plus the drive, plus the hours of my life I will lose even after my shift due to exhaustion. Oh well, time to shove these bristles in my face and scrub my head hole so I can rush off to acquire dollars!  

The physical needs we are forced to reach in order to survive in human form demand money. Without money there is no food, drink, shelter, hygiene, comfort, or sex (debatable, but if you couldn’t afford to clean yourself then I doubt your potential sex partners will be anything short of horrific).  

This shell, this bag of bones and organs that harnesses my soul is a tricky host. I fear that I will never quite get it right. As a child I constantly fell, constantly tripped over my own feet trying to walk. In my adulthood my balance has improved, but I still spend copious amounts of my time wagering that I can trust my own hands to carry out the simple functions I’ve designated for them to carry out. A bet I lose frequently. Ok hands; I will question the universe. I will use my mental energy contemplating time and space, I will focus my entire existence on attempting to understand the cosmos. All I need you to do is hold this bottle of water, and this wallet. There are two of you, this should be easy. UGHHHHHH! Why is my wallet on the floor? Why is there cash and coins scattered everywhere? Why did the gallon of water fall too? Ok Universe, cool, I dropped everything. Did the lid have to mysteriously unscrew off and flood my whole kitchen with water too? Does my money need to be warped with said water? Do I really need to be mopping right now? All I wanted was to understand the inner workings of a black hole, but instead I’m on my hands and knees picking up sopping wet money, dropping more coins than I’m even able to hold onto. I don’t even bother mopping.  

I’ve become comfortable with the theory that I don’t understand this vessel, simply because I don’t belong in it. Whoever tricked me to take this form on was a swindler indeed.

“Hey, try a human life”, he said.  “It won’t be so bad.  Every moment is a gift and there’s beauty in everything” 

..then he proceeded to break the gift and challenge me to see the beauty while I’m in pain every day, walking around so fatigued I can barely hold my head up over my shoulders. Yeah, that’s how I picture it. And then I was born. No wonder infants cry so much.  

So I don’t belong here. Whatever I was before, it’s not a good fit with what I am now. If you believe in past lives, is it too far fetched to believe in them being on a different planet? A “starseed” or an “indigo child” as we’ve come to be called, is a soul that did not originate in this planet. These starseeds were sent from somewhere else, for a reason nobody quite knows for sure. And while I struggle, 30 years into life, with the process of tying my shoelaces, the most intricate workings of human behavior present themselves to me in ways that it would take days to explain and most would still not understand. But I don’t understand..  Not the universe that keeps this earth spinning, nor the Earth that harnesses my meat vehicle, or this meat bag that keeps my soul trapped so tightly inside. I’ll never learn to fully use this device I’ve been given, and I’ll never know why it was given to me. It will never function the way I want it too. And this body, it will never be my home. Every time I make an attempt toward something that will further my soul’s wisdom, I am shot abruptly back to bodily prison, reminded of how I am so reluctantly trapped inside. 

I want to create my masterpiece, …wait. Sorry. I have a message from my meat vehicle informing me that this morning’s breakfast has transformed itself into my very own dark matter, and I must go eject it into space at once. So meaningful.  
Anyway, if I might continue; there are so many things I believe that I was put on this Earth to accomplish. There are countless lessons to learn on this quest to obtain all that we can of the universe’s infinite wisdom. I believe that I was put here to become my own masterpiece, to pen my first novel, compile an anthology of classic literature, to leave my mark on the world in a positive and influential way so that I might one day look back and realize that I’ve achieved my purpose here, and I believe that one day I will.. I long for death, because I don’t see it as death. To me death is a romantic moment where your soul finally frees itself from its mortal trap and immerses itself with the omnipotent. One glorious day when I’m no longer weighed down by the need to eat, sleep, or procreate; I will have the freedom and capability to explore this infinite universe sans interruption…. but for now, for some silly biological urge is calling me. And it’s telling me I need sleep ZZZZZZZZZ….